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Karmic Health specializes in nutrition wellness with a specialty in GI disorders and Food Intolerance. We believe in functional medicine in that we look for the cause in addition to understanding the symptoms so we can help you heal.

We believe in the importance of using food as medicine for optimal health.  Our goal is to give you the knowledge and inspiration to help you reach optimal health through our resources and coaching. We know how overwhelming it is and we are here to help! Our founder Sandi Star struggled with food intolerance for years and has overcome many health issues including Sjrogren’s. Read her inspirational story.


Karmic Health carries nutraceuticals based on individual needs such as detox, GI support, weight loss. 

Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical grade supplements from isolated nutrientsdietary supplements and herbal products

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Karmic Health Services

We have a wide selection of services that vary from customized nutrition coaching, detox and weight loss programs, kitchen make overs, guided shopping tours, menu planning, cooking classes and seminars.

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Testing Labs

Testing can be a valuable tool in finding the cause of inflammation. Since there are hundreds of lab options out there, let Karmic Health help you choose one that is right for you. Our services include reviewing your results and creating a customized wellness plan.

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